Flame shortboard


5'8 x 19.75 x 2.32 - 28.6L 


This shortboard is perfect for north sea waves with small conditions to the higher ones we have in the netherlands. The board has his volume around the chest area making it easy to paddle in and keeping speed. The concave is a big single concave all the way through. It has a thruster set up and some carbon on the tail area to give it some extra renforcement. The rocker is pretty mellow, this combination with the rocker and concave will give you a lot of speed on waves and an easy paddle in but still keep the responsiveness that your looking for when making a turn. 


The flames are hand painted on the blank itself and the board is glassed clear. 

2x4 oz fiberglass on the top with 1x4 oz fiberglass on the bottom.


Any questions or looking for more info, contact me!