About me


Welcome to YAYA surfboards and Yannis Board Repair. I'm Yannis Kleverlaan and started shaping at the start of 2022 and I started repairing boards at the start of 2020. 


I love surfing. That is why I started this business because I want to make sure everyone can surf when needed by repairing their boards. Another reason is because I want surfers to be able to keep surfing their favorite board as long a possible and with that also reduce the amount of boards thrown away. Boards are quite toxic so at yayasurfboards we also try to work with new environmently friendly surf products as much as possible. I started windsurfing at 13 when at 16 years old I started surfing normally aswell, which has been such a great moment in my life, the feeling you get with surfing is diffiuclt to explain but is amazing! I would always recommend people to try and surf. After surfing for a while and progressing my boards would break sooner and sooner as I was trying new tricks and turns. One day I decided to try and repair my own board, and a few weeks later I was already repairing my dad's windsurf boards and my friends boards every so often. I wanted to work on boards a lot more after a while and decided to start Yannis Board Repair. 


I shaped a board at the age of 18 for the first time, but glassing was always something scary at first. With drying times which only gives you a certain amount to work with, to mix the right amount and not put enough catalyser in the mix or even put too much in and working with the squeege was a secure task I didn't glass my first shaped board for a few years and practiced repairing boards first.  At the start of 2022 I took a course in glassing boards and decided it was time glassing my own shapes! The result was alright at first attempt and has only been improving since. Now I'm very confident in my glassing and love glassing boards! Still learning everyday but that's what gives me the stoke! To improve and see my own boards being surfed!

Here are some pictures of me working in the shaping bay! If you have any question don't hesitate to contact me!

Pictures taken by Storm Jansen. 

Instagram: @stormjsn